METECH STG is a worlwide supplier of equipment and services for steel plants (meltshop and rolling mill). METECH STG covers the complete engineering and manufacturing of equipment for green-field project as well as for revamping projects of existing plant. Combining more that 30 years of activity in the steel plant equipment supply with know how and innovative ideas, METECH STG is able to provide today the most advanced technologies for steel production.

METECH STG incorporates the experience and know how of three well known Italian Companies with extraordinary level of steel tradition and technology: STB Tecnosiderurgica Bresciana, TECOAER Tecnologie Ecologiche Aerauliche and GETECO. Over the years the instinct of the founders of these companies, their managing skills, the reliability of the company’s products and services have gained them credibility and success on the market. The successful merging of the three Companies (completed in the year 2008) in the METECH STG has brought a significant and solid level of specific competences for the various areas of the Steel Plants as well as the strength to deal with new challenges.

  • S T B (Tecnosiderurgica Bresciana)

    The Competence for engineering and manufacturing EAF (Electric Arc Furnace), LF (Ladle Furnace), CCM (Continuous Casting Machine) for billets, blooms, slabs, VD (Vacuum Degaser), VOD (Vacuum oxygen Degaser), AOD (Argon Oxygen Degaser) and all other auxiliary equipment for meltshops.

  • T E C O A E R (Tecnologie Ecologiche Aerauliche)

    The Know how for engineering and manufacturing De-dusting Systems for off gases of EAF (Electric Arc Furnace), BOF (Basic Oxygen Furnace), BF (Blast Furnaces) and all other process for steel production. The solutions for heat recovery and energy saving systems of mini-mills, the recycling technologies for waste products (EAF, LF slag, spent refractories, etc.).

  • G E T E C O

    The Experience for engineering and manufacturing RM (Rolling Mills) for all long products: rounds, re-bars, wire rods, profiles, sections, etc.. The solutions for Reheating Furnaces (walking beam, walking hearth, pusher type).

  • Our Policy of Quality

METECH STG is devoted to provide to all Customers around the World, the Best Technologies for Steel Production, increasing the production processes efficiency, reliability and safety, reducing the production costs and improving the quality of their products. Customer oriented attitude to listen, to understand and to meet the requirements and expectations of the Customers is the usual working procedure of METECH STG team of people.

Our Policy of Quality
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