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During its whole history, Metech STG has been helping its customers to make clean steel, boasting almost 40 years of tradition in anti-pollution systems for the steel industry. Our philosophy is to provide to our clients a complete package from the movable duct of the EAF, up to the FTP stack. In line with the agreement for emission reduction within the global climate deal of 2015, Metech STG offers energy saving solutions in the melt-shop, by using water cooled panels, scrap preheating, electrode cooling and regulation, as well as a fully automatic process.

From this perspective, we also focus on the design and manufacturing of:
- Fume treatment plants for the collection and filtration of the off-gases coming from EAF and LF during scrap melting and steel refining;
- Water treatment plants to treat water to meet the chemical and physical parameters required by the steelmaking plant and rolling mill.

Metech STG approach features:
- Care for strict environmental issues
- Dedication in pursuing energy consumption reduction
- Need to improve working conditions in the melt-shop