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The company history started at the turn of the 20th century with a small workshop for wrought iron which steadily widened its scope of action till joining with other companies and creating a firmly established reality in steel plant engineering, manufacturing and installation.
Metech STG is the result of the subsequent merging, over the last 40 years of its history, of several well known Italian companies with a long steel tradition, featuring steel expertise and proven technology in different fields, which developed the engineering and manufacturing of their particular equipment.
The complementarity of these different areas of know-how and experience allow METECH STG to supply equipment and spare parts for the whole steel processing line, from scrap melting to continuous casting, to product rolling and finishing, assisting its customers with certified competence, supplying Italian quality in the creation of Electric Arc Furnaces, treatments for secondary metallurgy, continuous casting machines for billets and blooms, de-dusting and fume treatment plants, reheating furnaces, hot rolling mills for long products, water treatment plants, auxiliary equipment and automation.

The Companies

STB - Tecnosiderurgica Bresciana


Was focused on the engineering and manufacturing of Electric Arc Furnaces - EAF, Ladle Furnaces - LF, Continuous Casting Machines - CCM for billets, blooms and slabs, Vacuum Degassers - VD, Vacuum Oxygen Degassers - VOD, Argon Oxygen Degassers – AOD and on the related auxiliary equipment for melt-shops.

TECOAER - Tecnologie Ecologiche Aerauliche


Was centered on the development of De-dusting Systems for EAF, BOF, BF, heat recovery solutions, energy saving systems, recycling technologies for waste products.



Was experienced in the design, manufacturing and supply of Rolling Mills for long products: rounds, rebars, wire rods, profiles, sections, etc. as well as on Reheating Furnaces solutions (walking beam, walking hearth, pusher type).



Was leader in the development of engineering solutions for Rolling Mills for long products.



Was a leading provider of advanced Reheating Furnace and heat treatment furnace technology.