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In the Brescia area, at the turn of the 20th century, Carlo Senini owned a workshop for wrought iron. Over the years he steadily widened production, laying the basis of a solid tradition in steel working equipment manufacturing.
Ing. A. Toniatti e C. SA was founded in Milan. The company mainly manufactured centrifuges for the chemical industry.
The company reached a considerable industrial level and STS Senini Tecnosiderurgica srl was established. The company featured a more complex structure than the previous one, mainly working on order basis, manufacturing any type of heavy machinery and equipment. In particular it produced plants and machines for the iron and steel industry, for the extrusion of aluminum and metals, special machineries, machined structures for presses and machine tools. Subsequently STS changed its name in STB.
Geteco was founded, after the acquisition, a few years before, of the majority share of CAT srl, a company located not far from Milan, focused on the design and production of gearboxes, couplings, shears and cardan shafts for power transmission.
Toniatti gradually modified the company object, including the sales and marketing of aeraulic equipment and systems, bulk handling equipment and machineries for industry in general, as well as the revamping of related plants.
Toniatti changed its name into TECOAER. At this point of its history, the activity was focused on the creation of dedusting systems for the treatment of fumes produced by furnaces in the melt-shops.
Marks the birth of STG Group S.p.A. from the merging of STB, TECOAER and GETECO. The group incorporated the activities of the three companies, their long experience and know-how, thus covering the entire engineering, manufacturing and installation of melt-shops, continuous casting machines and hot rolling mills for long products.
In this year a second merger took place, incorporating under the STG Group brand four more companies, in order to widen its scope of action: ASB for the electrical part and automation, CSM (Carpenterie Metalliche dello Scrivia) for mechanical and metalwork fabrication, SINTEC, an engineering company that excelled in the design of hot rolling mills for long products and SIDFORNI, that dealt with the combustion process and was specialized in combustion ratio, heat and temperature control technology, design and installation of burners for the steel industry, reheating furnaces, preheaters and drying stations.
Metech Group, an important international player in the mining and metallurgical field, acquired STG Group and created METECH STG. The takeover had the purpose to preserve and furtherly develop the know-how and experience gained by STG Group during its long history and profitable activity in the field of engineering, construction and set up of plants and machineries for the metallurgical industry.