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Metech STG Electric Arc Furnace features a highly reliable Full-Platform design and the EBT bottom tapping system, allowing excellent filling and visual control. It is equipped with carbon injection system for foamy slag practice, bottom stirring system and oxygen/gas combined burner system.
Safety issues are of paramount relevance for Metech STG, for this reason the furnace fill is equipped with a semi-automatic tilting system allowing safe and controlled furnace tapping.
Metech STG vessel design, furnace gantry and roof lifting systems allow fast and easy operations, thus reducing maintenance times. The sturdy-type construction of the masts permits high regulating speeds; arms are designed with the smallest electrode pitch circle diameters, very important for arc radiation.

Metech STG EAF modern Electrode Control System allows dynamic parameters control; it ensures optimal melting performance from boring phase to liquid bath condition, as well as fast electrode lifting function to reduce power-off time for charging and tapping. It also permits detail check to optimize furnace operation and melting control.

EAF Capacity:
from 30 to 220 t
Short tap to tap time