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Metech STG High Speed Block represents the up-to-date technology to consistently produce high quality wire rods at high output rates.
The High Speed Block is conceived for high speed rolling process to produce deformed rods (Ø 6,0mm to Ø16,0 mm) and plain wire rods (Ø 5,5mm to Ø20,0mm). With small modifications of the standard design, smaller and larger sections can also be obtained.
The block consists of 10 stands, cantilever mounted with inter-axis of approximately 700 mm, mutually installed at a 90° angle, sloped at a 45° angle to the horizontal plan and alternatively driven by the upper and lower transmission.
The High Speed Block can be constructed and installed with different configurations, following customer needs. A number of Stands from 4 (2) to 10 can be applied with stands dimension from 160mm ring diameter and/or 210mm ring diameter depending on the rolling process and schedule to be applied.

On the actual design an average reduction ratio pass-to-pass of about 20% is applied, very suitable for all types of rolling processes, including carbon steel and alloy steel. A modified version of the block, featuring softer reduction per pass, is available for different rolling process applications, including stainless steel, tool steels and super-alloys.

Metech STG High Speed Block is designed to withstand the high rolling loads resulting from the application of Low Temperature Rolling Process, down to entry temperatures as low as 850°.

The suitable design of the unit, together with the precision machining of the gears and high grade of other key components, allow high stability and high output rates, as well as reduced vibrations and noise resulting in longer life and reduced need for maintenance.