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Metech STG experienced process engineers develop the suitable roll pass design sequence supported by advanced process simulation software tools and by their personal expertise, acquired during long years of direct on-site experience in rolling plants all over the world. Metech STG product rolling through single strand or multi-stand slitting combines proper roll pass design and guide equipment to process the incoming billet into the required number of strands, which will then be rolled down to the final product size in the stands of the finishing mill.
Metech STG Multiflexible Rolling Mills process the below listed range of products, starting from billets up to 160 x 160 mm and of 12 m of length.

Product range

ROUND AND DEFORMED BARSfrom 6 to 40 mm dia.

WIRE RODfrom 5.5 to 20 mm

ANGLESfrom 25 x 25 to 60 x 60 mm

CHANNELSfrom 35 x 15 to 60 x 40 mm

TEESfrom 25 x 3 to 50 x 6 mm

FLATSfrom 30 x 5 to 80 x 30 mm

STARTING MATERIALbillet up to 160 x 160 mm, 12m length