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The Wire Rod Laying Head deposits the produced wire rod arranged in coils on the downstream positioned roller conveyor where the controlled cooling process is performed.
To obtain a good coiling pattern from the laying head, the curve design of the coiling pipe is of key importance; Metech STG designs such a curve by means of 3-D solid modeling in order to create a progressive bending of the rod, distributing the contact and the related friction between rod and pipe on the longer possible path, thus avoiding localized high friction peaks as it normally occurs at the first and second curve of the pipe. This results in reduced wear of pipe, consequent longer life and limits risk of surface damage of the processed rods.

Our loop forming head is provided with a serving pinch-roll with the purpose of feeding the Laying Head with uniform and constant speed rolled stock, with a proper tension and avoiding rod vibrations which can disturb the coiling pattern.

Wire rod product range
Round and deformed bars:
5.5 – 16 mm dia
Starting material billets:
130 x 130 a 160 x 160 mm and 12 m length