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Metech STG, with its experience and dynamic approach to design, specifically addresses the continuous casting technology and offers plant equipment solutions spanning from ladle turret to billet-bloom handling after cooling.
Metech STG engineers can benefit from process simulation software tools, jointly developed with University, in cooperation with outstanding steel producers. This allows Metech STG engineering department to precisely identify layout arrangement, casting speed, metallurgical length, roll diagram and all process data which have been thoroughly tested in several CCM applications.

Our technologically advanced solutions are aimed at creating sturdy and reliable casters, with high functional capacity, advanced safety systems, sophisticated automation, ensuring easy maintenance and the possibility to limit break-out occurrence and enhancing product quality.
The asset of Metech STG CCM is the possibility to devise tailor made solutions in order to follow all customer needs, in particular as far as specific exigencies are concerned. Metech STG creates customized machines which can meet any kind of requirements and find the best solution to solve every client’s problems.