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Metech STG conceives minimills and integrated plants with a compact layout, where the whole steel production process takes place, starting from scrap melting in the Electric Arc Furnace, proceeding through continuous casting and ending with product rolling and finishing. These arrangements simplify organization and raw material transportation, allow production flexibility and reduce logistic costs for final product distribution.
Using Metech STG updated technologies, it is now possible to design high efficiency minimills whose environmental impact is close to zero. Advanced automation and control systems allow process optimization and very low emissions, in line with ecological exigencies.

Product range

ROUND AND DEFORMED BARSfrom 6 to 40 mm dia.

WIRE RODfrom 5.5 to 20 mm

ANGLESfrom 25 x 25 to 60 x 60 mm

CHANNELSfrom 35 x 15 to 60 x 40 mm

TEESfrom 25 x 3 to 50 x 6 mm

FLATSfrom 30 x 5 to 80 x 30 mm

STARTING MATERIALbillets up to 160 mm Sq 12 m length


Main meltshop and CCM characteristics:
- Supply of ultra-high power EAF with EBT bottom tapping system.
- Semi-automatic EAF tilting system allowing safe checking of furnace tapping.
- Modern EAF / LF Electrode Control System for furnace operation and melting control optimization, to improve energy efficiency.
- Level 2 automatic EAF melting process control.
- Efficient and powerful dedusting systems for the treatment of EAF and LF off-gases during scrap melting and steel refining, fulfilling the strictest environmental requirements, aimed at energy consumption reduction and at attaining improved working conditions in the melt-shop.
- Level 1 and Level 2 automatic CCM speed casting and secondary cooling control.

Possible plant features

Production capacityup to 1,000,000 t

Starting materialscrap or scrap + DRI

Steel making processElectric Arc Furnace

  Capacity from 30 to 220 t

Secondary metallurgy- Ladle furnace - Capacity from 30 to 220 t

  - Ladle Furnace + Vacuum degasser / Vacuum oxygen degasser (for special steels)

Continuous Casting Machine

Annual output capacityfrom 300 t/y to 1.000,000 t/y

Number of strandsfrom 1 to 6

Casting radiusfrom 5 to 12 mm

Casting sectionsround blooms from 200 to 400 mm

  square billets from 125 to 250 mm

  beam blank up to 430 x 300 mm


Metech STG rolling mills are the result of the joint efforts of an engineering department with a longstanding experience in this field. Our highly skilled professionals cover the whole plant development, from billet heating in the reheating furnace, to long product rolling and packaging in the finishing area.
Metech STG provides to its customers full rolling mill design, manufacturing and commissioning and can create customized machines which can meet any kind of requirements, finding the best specific solution and adapting to special needs.

Metech STG rolling mills for long products feature:
- High equipment reliability
- Wide range of product sizes
- Highest allowable material yield
- Low transformation costs
- Low spare parts costs
- Low maintenance/set up production down time
- Higher quality on finishing products
- Shortest equipment delivery/erection/start up time


Metech STG rolling mills for rebar, medium sections, wire rod and special steels feature fully equipped areas for rolled stock finishing after quenching and tempering for rebars, or thermal treatment for rounds and wire rod. After being cut by the dividing shear, the product enters the finishing area. Metech STG can supply apron type discharging or twin channel system on cooling bed for rebar, rounds and sections, laying head and conveyors systems for wire rod and Garret units for big rounds in coil. According to the kind of rolled stock, Metech STG finishing line is completed by different machines for product bundling and packing: bar counting device, bundling and lowering units, stacking units and controlled cooling lines, trestle carousels, tying and strapping machines and other equipment. In-house machine production allows Metech STG to provide to its customers fast technical assistance and subsequent spare parts availability.